After years of working within customer service roles, I knew a role in the NHS would give me a true sense of helping people.

Nathan Moon, Resource Dispatcher from North West Ambulance Service wanted a job where he could help people, work within a team and make a real difference…. 

It took me three years to get into the NHS at North West Ambulance. I have always worked in customer service, but i have never had the feeling that i was truly helping people. It has always been in my nature to help others. With this role I can now go home after a shift feeling that i have actually helped someone, and not had to try and sell them something.

It can be very challenging, but also extremely rewarding. We have a big responsibility deciding who to send an ambulance to next and who will be able to wait a bit longer, which can often be very difficult decisions to make. The team is great though, we are all one big happy family and we all help each other out where we can. Especially in our teams.

As a dispatcher, the most rewarding part is knowing that the crews I look after for 12 hours a day trust me to make the right decisions for both them and our patients. Going home at the end of the shift knowing that everyone is home safe and well, and knowing that our patients have received the best possible care due to my actions. Its what we come to work for day in day out.

It’s often difficult when we have more calls coming in than available resources to send. This is why we must prioritise the most seriously ill patients first and we also now have more clinical support into making these difficult decisions. We all work together as a team to keep our spirits up and do the best we can for our patients.

Our EMDs and dispatchers can sometimes be forgotten and to have a specific International Control Room Week is really exciting. I know it will mean a great deal to the team and we are extremely grateful to be recognised in this way. As we are not patient facing we can sometimes be forgotten. With Control Room Week we will feel a lot more appreciated than we ever have done before. Yes we get thank you cards from some patients as they come out of hospital – but we are the backbone of the emergency services.

We are the first port of call and International Control Room Week finally recognises this, and we are all grateful for the recognition

we can sometimes be forgotten and to have a specific international control room week is really exciting. 

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