Policing is in my genes, but so is helping people and a job in the West Yorkshire Police helps me do this and so much more

George Doyle, Contact Officer from West Yorkshire Police has the emergency services gene but  it wasn’t until he had to call 999, that he realised he wanted a job in the control room…

There have been times where I have had to call for the emergency services myself,  and I will always remember the comforting feeling of hearing the sirens and seeing the blue lights approach. Since this moment I have always wanted to be part of the team that delivers this vital service.

Also the Emergency Services gene seems to run in the family. With my sister in the police, my other sister in the Law profession and my parents both retired fire officers, a career in the police came very natural to me.

I find the most rewarding part of my job is that at the end of each shift, I know I have made a difference to someone’s life. We deal with everything from crime updates to life and death situations. Some shifts are harder than others and what call is going to be next is unknown. Driving home after a shift knowing I have saved someone’s life and got the police to them in time really motivates me for the next shift.

We are very often the first port of call for people who have just been victim of crime, for many it’s the first time they have been a victim. We deal with people who are very stressed and upset. This can be a challenge for us as getting information from people can become difficult when they are upset. However we are trained to deal with situations like this.

The most rewarding part of my job is that at the end of each shift, I know I have made a difference to someone’s life

I believe the international control room week will help the control room team feel like the hard work they put it is recognised. Very often it’s easy to feel ‘behind the scenes’ in policing, as members of the public do not see us. However we do work in the police station, and we do wear uniform and we do work very hard day in and day out to ensure that everyone who needs the police gets a response they are happy with.

I enjoy working in the control room, and I look forward to many more years providing the service to West Yorkshire Police.

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